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The classroom contains an assortment of articles that speak about Ifa in the modern world which we live in.

This collection of articles was written over the course of many years.  In some cases, there are references to points of time in the past.  You will find articles of many different natures here.

Please take your time and review those that pique your interest:



Prayer to Osun



Case histories from ifa

A dear friend who is very ill

A gay Babalawo speaks out

A new initiate speaks out

Adult or infant…

After initiation

The Ancestors

Beware - the fatal flaw

Blood or Bloodless

Concepts I learned while listening to an interview with a Master Percussionist

Corporate divination


Does the Babalawo tell "all"?

Exclusivity - destroys your ability to make Ifa work

Five rules for selecting a priest for divination

For the love of Richard

Gay marriage