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Case Histories from Ifa

There are two basic forms of personal divination:


The first is what we refer to as a Life Path, or Guardian reading. It is this reading that has been performed for thousands of years in Africa ion the third day of a new child's life. This reading is broad stroke in nature, it is meant to identify a host of things that will, unless the individual is initiated at some later date, remain valid and critically important for the rest of your life.

In this reading we first examine the Path that you have selected. In Ifa, I teach my initiates that Divination is similar to Real Estate. There are three rules for success in both. In Real Estate the three rules are Location, Location, Location! In Ifa, the three rules are Path, Path, Path. While most individuals are intent only upon identifying their primary Guardian orisa, the Truth is that the selection of that orisa to guide your life was specific to the path and energy you selected in the realm of Ajal Mopin at the moment of conception. Each of us has certain things we are meant to learn or accomplish during our lifetimes. This path will allow us to accomplish these most effectively. In addition, it will allow us greater success, love, health, family and fulfillment in the rest of our experiences.

In this Life Path, or guardian reading, the specific energies and their application to your everyday success as well as your emotional/spiritual success are clearly defined and explained. In addition, of course, this reading identifies the Orisa Energy you selected to help you most effectively traverse this Path successfully. Your primary Orisa comprises the overwhelming amount of energy you will use...the secondary, or balancing, energy which will also be identified, plays an importantly, but much smaller role in your life.

In this Life Path reading it is also possible to identify your Guardian Ancestor, who will reside in your Ori and help you on this journey. In order to do this you need to know several generations of departed blood relatives (who died prior to your conception).

This reading is NOT for addressing current issues such as: "will I get the job," " how do I improve my relationships?," What can I do about my money problems?", etc. These are questions that must be addressed in a Regular Divination.

The Regular Divination may be viewed as a Polaroid, or snapshot, of your life in the current energy matrix you are operating within. Within this, we examine many of the same issues as above, but in a contextual manner. We identify your current Path, the energies you should be using to accomplish the things you need, or want, currently in your life. We discover whether or not you are effectively using those energies, and if not, what must be done to restore your balance so that you can benefit from them. If you are on Path, we ascertain what ebbo is necessary to insure that you maintain your equilibrium and balance.

In addition, we can address any specific questions that are of concern...and explore the energy necessary to answer or solve them.The two readings cannot be performed on the same day! These readings can be done in person, via the telephone, or by e-mail. There is no difference in the accuracy of divination performed in person, via
e-mail or on the telephone.

It is often difficult for individuals to understand how the process of Divination can be as accurate when done via e-mail or telephone, as it is when divining in-person for an individual. The answer is quite simple: While individual Diviners may have limitations, Energy has no limitations. To presume that Orunmila (Orula) can only function within a small physical space is, of course, nonsense. This is simply another area where the timeless, adaptive energy of the orisa, has been limited by the perception, vision and understanding of certain practioners. A thousand years ago, with no phones, telegraph or computers, divination was always practiced in person. As society and technology changed, orisa energy was totally able to integrate those changes into its' matrix. Indeed, if it could not, then the conclusions reached, divining in person in today's world, could not possibly be valid. Yet, we know they are.

Divination is a process of the triangulation of energy. This triangle includes the Diviner, the client and Orunmila (Arula). If Diviner's are limited by their ability to perceive this energy triangulation in any way other than having the client sitting across the mat, or table, it is their personal limitation, not the limitation of Orunmila. In Divination, as in all areas of life, there are different levels of ability, intellect and understanding. It would seem more logical and effective to have your Divination performed by someone comfortable with, knowledgeable about and successful in, the current cultural and technological world we live in, rather than someone stuck in past.

Oluwo Philip Neimark