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About Us

The Ifa Foundation has, for more than 30 years, pioneered introducing The Ancient African Wisdom of Ifa (Orisa) to the Western World. The Ifa Foundation played the star role in introducing it in the context of how it was created, not as a fearful imitation of the worst of Christianity in Latin or African clothing, but as a proud, thoughtful philosophy created to both care for and empower its adherents. Through this personal empowerment you are able to throw off the shackles of dependence and fear and use these ancient energies to modify events, guide your destiny, and improve your own life and the lives of those who you love. The Ifa Foundation has devoted itself to tearing down the walls of unnecessary and destructive dependence that were designed to keep you from the knowledge, wisdom and personal growth necessary to achieve your destiny. What was previously denied to you is presented here - at no cost and without obligation- so that you may reconstruct your life from knowledge, not fear! The Foundation’s work is based on the inarguable premise that this is a benevolent world created by a benevolent God. The African system of Ifa is a guidebook for accessing that benevolent energy to enhance your life and the lives of those most important to you. You are invited to explore our site and to judge for yourself as well as think for yourself, and to throw away the fear, insecurity and dependence that deter you from your inherent birthrights.